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An update on our COVID-19 response initiatives


NEW YORK, NY — AUGUST 18, 2020 — As part of an integral commitment to corporate philanthropy, The Noah Schultz Company and subsidiaries today announced the progress of their Q2 in-kind initiatives to support individuals and communities affected by the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe.

CardUP, a division of The Noah Schultz Company, featured on FOX, USA TODAY, and PIX11 for its innovative response to the global pandemic, has surpassed 2,000 organizations on its waiting list for its proprietary fundraising platform. Since launching in March, the company has also expanded internationally to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Israel and has processed thousands of dollars for dozens of charities across the globe.

“Our effort — to protect the most vulnerable, which includes those who rely on the support of charitable organizations — requires all of our care, and all of our teams are working around the clock to reach as many communities in need as we can,” explained Morgan Lazarus, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CardUP.

“We are more than ready to respond in a time of need to continue to build on relationships we have developed with beneficiary agencies in the communities in which we operate.”

CardUP will continue to provide fee waivers, complimentary subscriptions, and fundraising guidance to current and prospective customers. A dedicated page on the companies website has been set up for 501(c)3 non-profits to request relief services. That information can be accessed at


Press Contacts

Abby Feintuch
Chief Communications Officer, CardUP

The Noah Schultz Company International Media Relations
+1 (929) 888-9122

About CardUP

CardUP is a fundraising platform for non-profit organizations. We create software experiences to empower charities with self-sustainable revenue to combat the economic implications of COVID-19. Our digital ecosystems facilitate meaningful connections between donors and organizations that create purposeful connections in communities in which we operate across the globe. We aspire to empower non-profits who serve to enhance the lives of their beneficiaries to focus on their imperative work to advance justice, opportunity, and social welfare.

About The Noah Schultz Company

The Noah Schultz Company is a full-service marketing agency with ventures integrating business strategy, branding, design, technology, content production, communications, advertising, management and philanthropy based in New York City. Featured on USA Today, FOX, and PIX11, the agency and it’s interdisciplinary team of 30+ employees leverage award-winning creativity, the ability to innovatively engage with diversified audiences, and an expertise in building forward-thinking, twenty-first century businesses which cultivate the companies reputation as an architect of the brands of tomorrow.

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